a-mag stabilization spreader `petty-spreader PS 2-11`

Our compactor is worldwide in use – tough, low-maintenance, user-friendly


The binder dosage machine `petty-spreader PS 2-11`is extremely suitable for off-road-driving, so that she can move without any problems on very difficult ground. Because of the compact method of building, the spreader is manoeuvrable and can be used for works in cramped space.


The powerful spreading system made by stainless V2A high-grade steel guarantees a high durability. The output amounts from 3 to 80 kg/m² manages the `petty-spreader PS 2-11` easily and quickly. From his cabin the driver regulates the necessary dosage in a matter of seconds.

The refilling of the spreading material occurs from silo carts as well as from a standing silo into the dome lid.

Special quality – conversion to a water car

An integrated water pump for the direct injection into the recycler or soil stabilizer makes the `petty-spreader PS 2-11` in a few hours to a water truck. 


petty-spreader PS 2-11 - data sheet
amag binding agent spreader for very rough terrain, specialized for laim soil stabilizing. 4x4
petty-spreader PS 2-11 DATA SHEET.pdf
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with 8.000 Liter watertank

amag Multifunctiontrac MFT MX with 8.000 Liter water onboard allows direct water injection in the mixing chamber.


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