a-mag spreader `conti-spreader CS 6-15`

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Many thought-out details and innovative features make the conti-spreader® CS 6-15 a well-engineered high-tech cement/binder spreader.

With its robust design the conti-spreader® CS 6-15 can manage toughest terrain and is yet easy to operate. 



patent double spreader:

The patent double spreader uses spread amounts of 3 – 75 kg/m²without difficulty, that implies daily accomplishment up to 300 t. The spreading width for road width from 1,50 – 2,50m is adjustable.


SPS - spreading computer fully automatic:

Our self-developed product the measuring binder vehicle, the conti-spreader® CS 6-15 exactly scatters the binder with a special programmed SPS- spreading computer.

The aptitude test sets the amount of concrete, in advance which has to be precisely obeyed. Otherwise expensive complaints are inevitable. An IT-unit of tax settles the whole action of spreading fully automatic. The `weight-technology` sends the automatic weighing dates of the binder to the spreading computer. For the driver the operation decreases to a minimum: he just chooses the target dosage in kg/m² and the steering systems takes on the exact regulation.

Cleaning of the outgoing air ´no-dust-system´:

A reliable cleaning of the outgoing air while the process of refilling occurs with self-cleaning large filters. With our self-developed `no-dust-system` we avoid a dust emission while overblowing the binder. Additionally the air filtering system around the spreading area avoids the formation of dust while spreading the substance. So you can effectively use the conti-spreader® CS 6-15 in dust sensitive areas like industrial and residential areas too.


Automotive working vehicle and traction engine:

The conti-spreader® CS 6-15 offers a further advantage concerning profitability: he is conceived as automotive working vehicle and drives - like our water street sprinkler ´aqua-mat 8-22` - with a MOT approval as tax-exempt and with a green license plate. The conti-spreader® CS 6-15 and the ´aqua-mat 8-22` are with 88 km/h universal usable. Therefore the machine safes considerable costs for the employer, e.g. for transport or the usually necessary operation of further vehicle fleets.

Binder level gauge:

A TFT- colour display shows the driver all the time the lingering amount of binder in the tank so that he always knows how much surface he still can spread.


Economically tank capacity:

The tank contains 15t. The silo cart with max. 29t is empty after filling maximal two times.

Cleaning of the vehicle:

Mass-produced the conti-spreader® CS 6-15 is furnished with an integrated cleaning equipment. Therefore it is easy to keep the machine clean. A further cleaning product against corrosion of aggressive whitewash or binder residues provides the durability of the machine too.


Further optional equipment:

Wide low pressure tires for high traction on different terrain with little leaving traces. 


conti-spreader CS 6-15 - data sheet
amag binding agent spreader 6x6
conti-spreader CS 6-15 DATA SHEET.pdf
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